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PDH Solution series that can combine various digital access interfaces into E1 lines for convenient transport and switching. With 9 hot-pluggalbe mini size slots design and provides access for a variety of TDM, IP, and voice interfaces. These interfaces are compatible with other our products. Using these products, a DTE interface can be extended over copper wire pairs or any E1 transport facility. For each mini Quad E1 plug-in card, each card can have as many as DS0 124 time slots from RS232, X.21, V.35, and EIA530 interfaces, which can be multiplexed to fill 4 E1 lines.

Our PDH Solution also supports fiber optical plug-in card, which can be used to aggregate up to 4 E1 channels onto a single fiber optical interface.

Our SDH Multiservices Access Platform STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) is a standard compliant high density NGN SDH/SONET ADM/TM with full T1/E1 cross-connect rack system. Designs to have full add and drop capability up to:
For controller STM-1/4 (OC-3/12) aggregate cross connect module, the capability up to:
1xSTM-4 tributaries
8xSTM-1 tributaries
18xE3/T3 tributaries
378xE1/T1 tributaries
48×10/100M Ethernet EoS tributaries
6xGbE EoS tributaries
For controller STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate cross connect module, the capability up to:
4xSTM-4 tributaries
16xSTM-1 tributaries
24xE3/T3 tributaries
504xE1/T1 tributaries
64×10/100M Ethernet EoS tributaries
8xGbE EoS tributaries
56xFOM tributaries
With up to 4 STM-1/4/16 (OC-3/12/48) aggregate interfaces on cross-connect modules and 16 STM-1 (OC-3) interfaces on tributaries, the Loop-O9400R can offer the service provider a versatile protection scheme including SNCP(UPSR), and MSP (1+1) protection for both ring and linear network topology. All interfaces are fully compliant with the relevant ETSI standards and ITU recommendations. SDH Multiservices Access Platform provides powerful Operation, Administration, Maintenance and Provisioning (OAM&P) functionality, including fault management, performance monitoring, configuration management, and network security management. Through console port, LAN port, In-band E1, and DCC channel, the OAM&P can be achieved both locally and remotely via SNMP or menu-driven interfaces

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