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Actel Solutions specializes in the design and the supply of integrated solutions in the telecommunication field and provide turn-key and tailor-made solutions to Mobile operators, ISPs, Corporate sectors, IT and Data Centers for projects of any size. Company has operation in different regions of the world to entertain the customer needs and solutions required.

The Telecommunication industry is changing rapidly. The role of the Telecom professional within an organization is quickly evolving from network and data support to developing complex systems and processes that drive the business.
At Actel Solutions, we understand emerging technologies and the strategies required to implement them. As product experts, we are trained to help our clients sort through the tech chatter and develop real solutions that fit their needs and their budget.

Since 2001, we have helped facilities managers and telecom professionals in government agencies, education, healthcare, telecommunications, and facilities management stay current with new products and technologies. Working in close partnership with our customers, we help them with their immediate needs while staying within the context of their long-term facility plan.

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